SHOCKING! Sandra Thomas Files Police Complaint Against Vijay Babu😱😱😱

Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu, the maker couple was greatly talked for their solid companionship and the movies they made under the flag Friday Film House. Unfortunately, the fellowship has now finished on a harsh note.
As of late, Sandra Thomas documented a police grumbling against Vijay Babu at Elamakkara police headquarters, asserting that he struck and debilitated her. The performing artist maker has been admitted to a private healing center in Kochi, taking after the episode.
As per Sandra, she needed to end the association with Vijay Babu and approached him for her share. The on-screen character and her significant other Wilson went by the workplace of Friday Film House, to examine the segment.
Yet, she was assaulted by Vijay Babu and some of his nearby partners. In the event that the reports are to be valid, Vijay Babu was troubled with Sandra’s sudden choice to end the business organization with him.
Vijay Babu, then again, sharply denied Sandra Thomas’ charges through a late Facebook post. He expressed that his most trusted business accomplice and her significant other encircled him, to assume control over the business property.
Nonetheless, the news has turned out as an immense stun for the Malayalam motion picture industry. Vijay and Sandra have delivered very nearly 10 motion pictures together, including the Mohanlal film Peruchazhi and Adi Kapyare Koottamani.

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