The Backbenchers’ Film Company- getting ready to occupy the front bench of mollywood

The Backbenchers’ Film Company and its first venture Jannath is getting a huge expectation even before release.Songs of the movie is already getting huge positive response. The film company formed by a Bunch of friends who believe in the fact that a good movie with a good story that touches our heart can gain perform better than a normal masala flick. They trust in talent and passion for the movie, thereby giving more chances to novice directors, actors and to everyone whose hard work creates the success of a film.

Mohiuddin, often known as ‘Mammoty ikka’ among his friends and admirers in mollywood is the backbone of  The Backbenchers’ Film company. He has always been in mollywood and has invested in many Malayalam hits. He has also acted in Alancheri Thambrakal(1995), Bharanakoodam(1994), Thantonni(2010) and played the role of ‘Jamal sahib’ in the movie Jannath , which is getting ready for release.Jamal shaib is the father of ‘Khadeeja’ played by Sanjana Galrnai who is the lead actress of Jannath. The character  ‘Jamal Sahib’ required serious acting skills and was easily portrayed by Mohiuddin.He had to play the emotional as well as comedy attire of ‘Jamal Sahib’ which will be a breakthrough in his career.

Mohiuddin is the CEO of showcase international company. He is a Dubai-based businessman and his return to mollywood is to fulfill his dream to be part of good movies. Mollywood has always supported good movies even if it didn’t have a great star cast. The Backbenchers’ Film company promises to give us classic movies that we can keep close to our heart.


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