Most waited malayalam movies of Prithviraj in 2017

Prithviraj has a bunch of good movies in 2017.The hype and expectations of each of this movie have made his fans restless. The most anticipated movies among them are:


Ezra is an upcoming 2017 Indian Malayalam horror thriller film written and directed by Jay K, starring Prithviraj SukumaranMajor filming locations were Fort Kochi and Sri Lanka. Principal photography began in late-June 2016. The film is scheduled for release on 10 February 2017.

A little over one minute trailer packs enough visuals to instantly click with the movie goers, especially the fans of horror flicks. Going by trailer the film follows the horrifying experiences of Prithviraj and his dear ones, in the wake of Abraham Ezra, an evil spirit.

Music plays a vital role in the success of films in the horror genre. And the makers seem to have got it right for Ezra, where the background score makes spine chilling moments more horrifying.


Karnan is definitely the most awaited film of Prithviraj. The film, which would be directed by R S Vimal is in its pre-production stages. The film would be made under a huge canvas with actors from many other industries playing important roles.

Naam Shabana

Prithviraj plays villain in Baby prequel Naam Shabana Naam Shabana starring Taapsee Pannu in the lead is the prequel to Akshay Kumar’s blockbuster movie Baby released in 2015. Taapsee played a short but pivotal character in the movie.It was earlier reported that Prithviraj Sukumaran is playing an important character in the movie but it was not revealed what his character was.We have got exclusive information that Prithviraj is playing the antagonist in the movie. 
Beautiful Game

Beautiful Game, which marks the debut of Jamesh Kottakkal as a director, would be a film based on the game of football. The film would have Prithviraj in the role of a national level football player.


Tiyaan is a big-budgeted, very intense and pan-Indian movie is in the offing for the two superstar brothers of Mollywood – Prithviraj and Indrajith. The duo will share the screen for a movie titled ‘Tiyan‘ written by Murali Gopi and directed by Krishnakumar. Initial work on the movie has begun and the crew has been covering the Kumba Mela in Nashik.


Prithviraj himself officially announced the launch of the movie at an event held in the Middle East, adding that Aadujeevitham is going to be a film like never before. “People are still asking me not to take up this film, as I have to dedicate two years exclusively to it. When you are in a good phase of your career, two years is too long for one film, they say. But Aadujeevitham is no ordinary film, and if Blessy achieves in making it the way he has visualized it, it will be one of the biggest films in the history of Malayalam cinema, and also one of the biggest contributions of our industry to world cinema,” he said. Prithviraj will be playing the central character of Najeeb, who migrates to Saudi Arabia with great hopes but ends up as a slave in a goat farm.


Prithviraj’s upcoming film Vimanam has generated a lot of curiosity as it has been inspired by the real-life story of Saji M Thomas, a deaf-mute person from Idukki who was in the news for building a light-weight aircraft all by himself.

While everybody presumed that the film would be an inspirational one, the actor revealed recently that it would have a love angle as well. ‘Vimanam is inspired from Saji’s life but it is not a biopic. As its tagline says, ‘To fly was his dream…to love was his destiny!’ It has a passionate yet innocent love story. While the hero desires to fly, Cupid strikes. You will get to know more on it when watching the film,’ Prithviraj says.

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